Ruby RSpec Tutorial

Wrote a unit testing tutorial to contribute to The Odin Project's curriculum.

  • Developed 16 lessons that cover the following: built-in matchers, the 'Arrange, Act & Assert' testing pattern, stubs, mocks, doubles, and test-driven development.
  • Prepared corresponding prompts for students to experience writing a wide variety of tests.
  • Invited other students to review and contribute before it was published in the curriculum.
  • Reduced student questions by 30% in the Ruby testing support channel on Discord as a result of integrating this tutorial into the curriculum.

Other Significant Contributions

Contributions to The Odin Project's curriculum and Ruby on Rails app.

  • Wrote a lesson on Nested Collections to help students understand their complexities.
  • Wrote an article, How to Help Others Solve Coding Problems, to help our Discord community.
  • Created and refactored multiple test-driven development exercises to reinforce Ruby lessons.
  • Wrote system tests to increase our test coverage.